By Rochelle Bergman

I just got back from a nice mini holiday away from it all.
Yes, I had a great time!
No, I did not buy my turtles gifts from my trip.
Don’t take this the wrong way, I do love my pets but they are just pets.

My turtles got fifteen live goldfish to hunt down and eat, while I was away. That is true love.
As a pet owner, I believe my duty and job is to feed, protect, keep healthy, exercise and try to amuse my pets.
There is no gift giving written in the contact!

I do have friends who take this one step further and buy their pets holiday or birthday gifts. Never mind that they are wrapped up in bows and pretty wrapping paper!
Does your dog really care if you tie a bow around its birthday bone?
Oh yeah, I forgot. Its a dog’s life!
Is your cat happier knowing you gave it a Christmas ball to play with?
What will happen to us when our pets have everything? What do you buy a pet that has it all?

Besides gifts for our pets, us humans decided that our pets need to look like us!
I am writing about, I think you all know …
pet clothing..
C’mon, you see animals wearing little winter coats, rain gear or hats on the street. I think its odd and a bit kinky. (not in a normal and good way)
Tell me, how did a pet survive the different seasons before we invented pet clothes?
What is the animal’s fur for?
If that wasn’t enough heart ache for the pets or people looking at your pet, then the next line will get you.
It amazes me that people dress their pets up.
You know who you are, hiding behind your same outfit as your pet.
I see this alot more lately, pet owners dressed exactly as their pet, both prancing down the street like nothing is wrong.
Am I the only one who thinks this is nutty?
Animals of any kind should not get dressed up in funny looking clothes or any clothes, for that matter.
If nature wanted your dog to wear a sailor suit, maybe, just maybe, the dog would have been born with gills instead of a wagging tail and lungs?

A couple of months ago, I was watching the news on TV and I noticed that there was a segment on weddings.
I watched in horror as people laid out tons of money for their dogs to walk down the aisle with them.
That’s right folks, people are spending money for suits and dresses for their dogs to join the wedding party. Do people have any friends?
For the male dog, stores have three piece suits that includes jacket, shirt and something like pants.
Don’t forget the ladies, dresses come in long or short, all colours and all price tags.
I must be missing something?

My friends think I am mean for not buying my turtles gifts.
I think I am realistic.
My friends think I am un-caring for not buying gifts for my pets.
I think I am sane.
My friends think I am not creative enough to buy gifts for my turtles.
I think…Heck, I am writing this piece!

Next time when you spot a animal wearing clothes or getting gifts, take a long hard look at its owner and get the pet a un-wrapped, un-birthday, un-gift toy. I bet he would enjoy it more!

Got to go and feed the turtles.