By Rochelle Bergman

Today is St Patrick’s Day!
I hope you are wearing something green and drinking a green liquid?
I decided to write about animals that are connected to this day. As you all might know there is just one myth.
This myth is that Patrick banished all the snakes from Ireland. Ireland never had nor will have snakes. They are surrounded by the ocean. The water is to cold for snakes.
It is also said that the snake symbolized evil so Patrick drove them away. He used the animal to get rid of the evil, old and pagan ways of Ireland.
Do you know that fairies, (little people with wings) can take on different animal forms? I could honestly say I didn’t know that!

I then thought of the month, was there any festivals in March to celebrate animals?
As I looked up the information, I really thought there would be only 2 or 3 more interesting days.
I don’t think so..
There is so many festivals and special days in March, that it made my head go into circles!
So I thought to give you, the reader the list. Do what you want with it. Maybe celebrate some but not others. Celebrate all the days and weekly events. You don’t have to celebrate anything, if you want.
But, don’t go looking for me anytime soon..I’ll be at another celebration!

The list: (before reading, grab a pillow, it might take awhile!)

festival of owls
adopt a guinea pig month
world rattlesnake roundup
wildlife week
national animal poison prevention week
national horse protection day
pig day
what if cats and dogs had opposable thumbs? -3 days
donald duck day
national puppy day
mule day
and two more..
professional pet sitters week, march 4-10th
and the last event I found is the ‘turkey vultures return to the living sign’ event, march 11-17th

As you can tell the last celebration doesn’t sound so good. I saw vultures in South Africa and I really didn’t want to go near them. Whats up with that week?
In Canisteo Valley, Canisteo NY, these turkey vultures come back to roost. The living sign part is over 250 trees spelling out CANISTEO. This event is mentioned in the ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’ book.
Actually the event sounds like a great celebration to witness.
Well there you have it, the daily or weekly animal celebrations!

This should keep everyone busy till next month!

Go to go, time to feed the turtles