By Heather Chadwick

Rosie has proven to be stronger than she seems. She’s getting used to being the only dog just fine. With the exception of being fearful of strangers, she’s fine going outside and loves having people over. The cats are adjusting to having a new sidekick and me and my boyfriend are slowly getting used to only having one dog.
Of course we have our moments where we catch ourselves calling or looking for Molly, but that’s normal.

Walking Rosie is easier; I just wish she wasn’t so afraid of people. If a person walks by just as she’s about to go, she’ll stop and run away. She even gets skittish if it’s someone she knows. She was never a social dog, so being having to greet people on her own would be a problem for her. Hopefully this gets easier as time goes on.  Of course being that she was always skittish it’s not the biggest adjustment. I have always had to explain to people how she is, so at least I there’s no surprise there.

What strikes me as odd is that I’m getting used to there being only one dog pretty quickly. Perhaps it’s because I have no other choice, perhaps it’s because Molly in her last days wasn’t moving a lot and kept herself sequestered. I also have these three pets to take care of. I’m sure if I had lost my one and only pet it’d be a completely different story. It must be hard not having someone to come home to after losing that companion.
I don’t think that’s something I want to risk honestly. Maybe my life will always consist of at least one pet. Who knows?

I’m really lucky. I come home to three animals who think the world revolves around my trips to the kitchen and my trips in and out my front door. I’m never alone and I’m always forced to be doing something. I can be so content to do nothing and go nowhere,  but I obviously can’t because I have these animals to take care of. And especially after losing such a good dog, having these guys surely helps. And yes, these guys are great animals too. Aren’t they all? Even while mourning my recent loss, I have to say that life is pretty good…