Having a pet means having someone to love you unconditionally. Yes, you have your moments where you want your pet to be as far as away from your as possible, but you still love them, no matter what. There can be a drawback to all that love, though. They could become super selective, only choosing to be nice and loving to you, and mean, spiteful and dismissive to everyone else. They figure they don’t have to try with anyone else because they know they have you. This is never a good thing. Who wants a rude pet, right? I thought I originally had the sweetest cat when I got Henry, and then I came to realize he was only being super sweet with me. And then I realized that he sweetness with others was sporadic at best. And then I realized what he needed-encouragement.

When other people enter the picture, Henry is very aloof, for the most part. Sometimes he’s nice to others, but for the most part, he shuts them out. Lately he’s been changing. I’ve noticed that if you give him a little affection and back off, he’ll come around. With my boyfriend it was rubber bands. He loves those things. He’d bring them home and aim them across the room, with Henry at the ready to play. He started to become excited at the idea of daily play, and has come around. He had been jealous of my boyfriend for a long time, and was always rude to him. Now, he runs up to him and purrs his head off like he does to me. Sometimes, he looks to me curiously, as if I’m going to rise up in protest, but I never do.

He’s also taken to simply hang out when company is over. He doesn’t run to anyone’s lap, but he’ll let people pet him. He’s getting more open, and friendly. It seems as all he needed is to know there wouldn’t be any repercussions from me. Whew! Finally.

Anyone else have a cat that came around to strangers? Please let us know in the comments below!