By Heather Chadwick

Happy New Year, readers! As I’m writing this all of my animals are perfectly satisfied with their surroundings. Henry is sleeping away the hours in his bed (as is Rosie), and Little Lady’s enjoying herself running around chasing nothing. It is a typical day in my household. As 2013 begins I’ve started to thinking about how I will change around my apartment, if only to change up my surroundings to give me something new to look at. Of course, having pets that love nothing more than to get into new things in the house means I’ll have to be careful on what I bring it, where I put things and what I spend my money on. There’s a definite need for a need for a new scratching post this year, as the one I have I bought the day after I got Henry over five years ago. It’s just about time for a new one. This of course should allow me the possibility to buy anything without worrying about it getting scratched up. However, anyone who’s been around a cat ever knows cats will scratch up anything they deem interesting.

Of course when buying new things I should understand that I can’t exactly expect them to stay in pristine condition forever. My guys aren’t destructive, but they shed at all, and shedding means fur gets into stuff, especially furniture and clothing. There will always be a need for lint brushes in this house. It will always be necessary to furnish and refurnish your home, so any changes I make will have to be worked in with my pets, basically.  If anything, there will always be new toys to buy and new makeshift beds to break in. That’s what boxes are for. If there’s anything I’ve learned with having cats is that they are pretty much pleased with just about anything- especially anything they can fit into. While you may be worried that they’ll set out to destroy your nice, pricey couch or carpet, never fear that if you can give them something to distract them with (no matter how cheap or useless you think it is), they’ll be pretty much set.

So readers- Happy New Year! Is there anything you’d like to get done that your pets might get in the way of? Let us know in the comments below!